Meet Varsha Chowdhury from Vivaldi

Since 2015, I’ve been taking care of Public Relations at Vivaldi.

I grew up in India where I was trained in Indian classical music (although, I am more restricted to bathroom singing now). 😜

Before I moved to Norway, I spent more than a decade working as a radio presenter and producer in my home country.

Theatre and radio are among my favorite things. It’s often said: ‘’You can take the man out of the theatre but not the theatre out of the man’’. Yes, nothing feels as tangible and expressive as theatre does at its best. Quite literally, it brings people together and gives them a sense of community. I think this appreciation for the community drew me much closer to Vivaldi as the community has been the cornerstone of this organization.  

In my spare time, I also like to travel. Travelling widens my perspective on different cultures, food, people, adventures. The last couple of years have been exceptionally adventurous for me. I explored quite a few cities and countries. Prague, a very charming city, and Berlin were a great mix of old and new. Israel and Jordan were mind-blowing. Incredible Petra left me awestruck. I absorbed a lot of history in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. A dip in the Dead Sea was totally worth it.

And my love for Poker – in good fun spirit – is legendary. I enjoy good times at the table – in the poker room, and at the kitchen table. Cooking food is therapy for me after a long day at work.

I am also a cat lover and a proud owner of one. 😺 Perfect reason to visit Aoshima Island – the cat island in Japan. Speaking of Japan, where we have so many users, I hope my travel bug takes me there someday. I’d love to explore Japanese food, the Cherry Blossom festival, and the typical Japanese castles.

And yes, in the end, I would like to confess that these last three years at and with Vivaldi have made me develop a pretty good habit – browsing with Vivaldi. It is a perfect recipe for being productive at my workplace. Actually, it makes me feel at home! 🏡

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    1. The famous Norwegian beer! Go local 🙂 Actually, Rignes is the largest brewer in Norway.

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