Meet the Ambassadors: Miguelangel

For my generation, Commodore and Macintosh were our allies in games and learning. With the arrival of the Internet phone, my browsers were Mosaic and the mythical ViolaWWW, but, later, Netscape arrived, my favorite browser, forever.

Surfing the Internet, I joined several forums and pages of projects that were born of free code. It was wonderful to participate in the creation of IRC, Emule, and many other P2P projects. There was so much to create.

But I had to make a living, so I began to work in radio and television, making computers my hobby. I also continued my studies until I graduated in Systems Engineering from the legendary MIT.

Today, I no longer work in radio and TV, but nevertheless, I train and run digital projects for these companies. You could say that today my hobby became how I earn my living, and my work became my hobby.

I discovered Vivaldi when I was looking to replace Opera. At the time, I tested several browsers. Vivaldi made me feel enthusiastic. So I offer all my enthusiasm to promote Vivaldi in Latin America.

I hope we can meet in person someday.

My own slogan is VIVA VIVALDI!

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  1. este hombre es un genio en El Salvador. Mi respeto para el. Le conozco desde hace más de 30 años y respeto mucho su trabajo y su pasión por el mundo cibernético, pero sobretodo su deseo de superarse, conocer más, ir a la vanguardia de la tecnología y de las comunicaciones. Felicitaciones. En horabuena.

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