The latest media coverage of Vivaldi, Vivaldi helps students get better grades, Is less more?

“The Vivaldi Browser Is So Cool I Can’t Stop Telling Everyone About It”

Sounds just like something one of you, our Ambassadors, would say. It’s actually a line by Lifewire’s Ryan Dube. “The Vivaldi browser is fast, well organized, and highly customizable. With so many features, Vivaldi may be the web browser you’ve always dreamed of”, he adds. Take a look and share if you like!

“We don’t want to have pressure to do anything but what is right for the users”

In this thoughtful story, Jon von Tetzchner remembers the Opera days and explains how Vivaldi is set up differently so that the Vivaldi browser doesn’t suffer from pressure by external investors.

7 Ways the Vivaldi Browser Helps Students Get Better Grades

An incredibly useful resource from MakeUseOf to share with those still at school or college. According to the article, Vivaldi not only takes care of students’ needs but helps them become better students. 😊

Browsers with minimal features make it hard to do anything useful

Online and off, we’re receiving the message that less is more. “But is that true in all cases”, ask the authors of Surf the Web Your Way with Vivaldi: A Powerful, Feature-Rich Browser That’s All About Customization. Take a look at this great interview with Jon von Tetzchner that touches on everything from the browser to our company culture.

Vivaldi im Check: Der perfekte für Enthusiasten?

For those of you in Germany, here’s a cool video from Computerbild to share with potential Vivaldi enthusiasts. 🎉

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! Thank you all! 😍

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