What can I do?

Are you new and would like to know what to do as a Vivaldi Ambassador? Or maybe you’ve been with us for a while but want to be more active? Here’s different ways for you to help us out, beyond recommending us to friends and family:

Spread the word on social media 

Help us get noticed on social media! We are on Vivaldi SocialXInstagramFacebookRedditTelegramDiscordLinkedIn and YouTube. Increasing our visibility on these channels helps us raise brand awareness and puts us in front of potential new users.

  • Follow us on your favorite social networks.
  • Help out and recommend Vivaldi when you see others asking for browser advice.  
  • Guide Vivaldi newbies by answering their questions.
  • Share and like our posts and videos.
  • Create new posts highlighting how Vivaldi is useful for your personal use.
  • Use #YourBrowserMatters and #SwitchToVivaldi for more visibility.
  • Tag us! We love sharing your posts with our community.

Leave a review or edit a Wikipedia page

People not only use social media when looking for a new alternative to the tool/service they are currently using. Some might also check review sites and Wikipedia articles. We’ve compiled an extensive list of both, so you can help us with a positive review or editing/updating the info on Wikipedia.

Help out on external forums and online communities  

We’d love to be everywhere, but that is simply not possible. Questions about browsers in general and Vivaldi in particular crop up all the time, and that’s where an experienced, international bunch like our Ambassadors can give us a helping hand.

  • Join discussions about browsers or Vivaldi on your favorite tech forums and media sites.
  • Comment on articles about browsers or Vivaldi.
  • Recommend Vivaldi to those asking for advice.
  • Guide Vivaldi newbies by answering their questions.

Show support at your workplace or school  

Help us get noticed at more workplaces and schools around the world! If a friend or a colleague recommends a great tool that can help you increase your productivity, wouldn’t you check it out? 🗣

  • If allowed, put up posters to let others know about Vivaldi.
  • Organize a presentation or a demo for fellow students or colleagues.
  • Ask the IT department or SysAdmin team at your workplace about the possibility of using. Vivaldi at work. You can show them our presentation or redirect them to us in case they have any more queries.
  • Place a Vivaldi sticker on your computer or use some other merch.
  • Recommend Vivaldi to those asking for advice.
  • Guide Vivaldi newbies by answering their questions.

Show support at tech or edu events 

Help us reach people in tech and education! Talk about Vivaldi to your contacts at technology and education events. There’s a big bunch of people out there who can only benefit from using Vivaldi.

  • Wear a Vivaldi t-shirt or some other merch from our store (remember, as Ambassadors you enjoy a permanent discount.)
  • Talk about Vivaldi whenever the opportunity arises. 
  • Occasionally, we are able to support events by sending Vivaldi swag. Talk to us.

If you have other suggestions or ideas, get in touch with us! 🙂 We are always happy to hear from you. Write to [email protected] or post in the private Ambassador group on the Vivaldi Forum.