Meet Henrik Helmers from Vivaldi


I have been a designer with Vivaldi since May 2014, often working on the more technical design bits. I spend a lot of time thinking about color and I am responsible for much of the theming system and related functionality.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time on my other programming and design projects, tinkering in web, mac and iOS development. I also enjoy the more technical aspects of digital photography, printing, and keep benchmarking various RAW converters. My latest fascination is with the Fujifilm cameras and film simulations.

Technology and design are nicely fused in home lighting systems, and I have passed 50 connected light sources this year. I enjoy the convenience, but also how the technology feels unfinished. As is common with bleeding edge technology, there are rough edges, but that means there is room to experiment and play.

What else can I tell you about what I do in my spare time? This summer I’ve mostly been painting a fence. In my defense, it is a really long fence. When not painting, me and the family have been exploring the Norwegian countryside, learning new ways to deal with the heat 😅. Luckily there is always ice cream! How has your summer been?