Meet Atle Mo from Vivaldi

I’m a designer at Vivaldi, and in my case, that means working on anything from UI design for the browser, our different web pages, marketing materials, and brand, to a little bit of UI code implementation (if I feel brave). I’ve been with Vivaldi since September 2014.

I have many hobbies. Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with 3D printing. I currently have 3 printers at home. I use them to fix broken things and make improvements to existing things around the house. But I generally like mechanics and machines, so just working on the machines themselves is a lot of fun. And of course, I print a lot of silly toys for my son (and myself).

Besides the printing, I enjoy flying radio controlled airplanes and quadcopters, but there’s less time for that these days.

Being outside and having fun with the family is also a great way for me to spend time outside of work. For the annual holidays, we usually go to Hong Kong since my wife’s family is there. This trip is always a nice change. I love the lights in Hong Kong, it all reminds me of Blade Runner. Where do you like to spend your holidays?