The next steps at Vivaldi, Vivaldi is a top web browser, Qwant comes to Vivaldi

The next steps at Vivaldi 🚀

Jon von Tetzchner recently had a chat with Martin Brinkmann from Take a look at the interview and find out where Vivaldi is at and what’s in store for the immediate future. For those of you in Poland, the interview was translated and published in  

Vivaldi is one of the best web browsers 🎉

Digital Trends came out with their annual list of the best web browsers. Vivaldi is in the top 5, the only newcomer in the list. We got a great recommendation too! If we can change one thing in that recommendation, it’s the “meant for power users” part. We’re working really hard to make Vivaldi a good fit for all users and we hope you can recommend it to everyone! There is something for everyone in Vivaldi!

Once you try out Web Panels, Vivaldi might become your default browser 💪

Recently Jack Wallen of The Tech Republic tried out Web Panels and wrote this inspiring story. He said one thing that will resonate with many: “Web Panels are as easy as they are addictive.” Take a look and share if you can.

Vivaldi now includes Qwant, another privacy-focused alternative 🔒

In our latest minor update, we are collaborating with Europe’s leading search engine Qwant to provide a forward-thinking search option to Vivaldi users. Our goal, as always, is to protect our users from surveillance and respect their privacy.

Competition results are in!

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup, we asked Vivaldi users to create a “Vivaldi Theme for your Team”. Our designer Atle Mo picked the 3 most creative entries. The winners are about to get Vivaldi goodie bags with surprise Vivaldi swag in them. ️

Les meilleurs navigateurs web alternatifs pour Windows, Mac et Linux

Ambassadors from France, what a great story in your leading tech publication Vivaldi is selected as the top alternative web browser and praised for being a modern browser that gives users a lot of freedom. Please take a look and share! 📣

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! 😇💪

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  1. I just switched from Bing to Qwant, and I must say, it is one of the best looking, and laid out browsers I have ever used. 👍👍

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