Meet the Ambassadors: Bradford πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I came across Vivaldi around Summer of 2016. Β 

A group of my buds and I were chatting in our Gaming Slack group and one of them mentioned they just downloaded Vivaldi because of the programmable features and mouse gestures. I use a gaming mouse for my work to help me do things quicker with fewer mouse movements, so once I heard that there was a browser that was built around these principles, I was immediately intrigued. I downloaded it and instantly became attached.

The main selling points for me were tab scrolling with Right Click + scroll, mouse gestures to close/open new tabs, and the programmable keyboard commands. I now feel almost claustrophobic when I am using another browser and can’t do these mechanics.

Any opportunity I can get to share Vivaldi is something I look forward to.