Meet André Schultz from Vivaldi

I joined Vivaldi in October 2013 and I’ve seen the entire technical process that led to the birth of Vivaldi and how Vivaldi is implemented today. My job is to fix the bugs you report to us. My main focus area is the layer between Chromium and our JS-UI.

At work, I use Vivaldi’s tab features a lot. I stack tabs together and rarely close any. I also use Vivaldi’s mouse-gestures of course.

I was born and raised in Norway, and have been interested in computers since I got my Commodore 64. I started programming on the Amiga and went to college to pursue my interests there.

Outside of work and computers, I have a great hobby which helps me clear my mind. Running. I’ve completed five marathons, but in recent years marathons have not been my goal. I like to spend my time with my family and two kids who are 4 and 8 years old. Running also helps me to keep up with my children 😜

Our family holidays are often spent in Vik in Myrdal, the southernmost point in Iceland where my wife is from.

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