The best browsers, Google Chrome alternatives that value your privacy

Forum communities: help us respond to new Vivaldi users

Vivaldi is growing and more and more people today are Vivaldi users. That means more and more people are new to the browser and have questions about using it. That’s where an experienced bunch like you – our Ambassadors – can give us a helping hand. When you get the chance, do comment and post on forum communities! Take a look at these two examples from CNET and the Opera forum

The best web browser

“You can read all the stats, benchmarks, and speed tests, but the right browser for you is the one that feels right — the one that provides everything you want, where you want it”, writes  of Digital Trends in his quest for the best browser. If you want to stay up-to-date with the world of browsers, this is a January must-read. 

It’s time to take control! Your browser matters!

The beginning of the year is a great time to make changes and start fresh, and many people out there are probably looking to switch to a new browser. Share this story with anyone who might find Vivaldi useful. It pencils down a few irresistible reasons to make the move in 2019.

How can I remove Google from my life?

In this story, Jack Schofield from the Guardian tries to help a reader to stop Google from “intruding into almost everything”. The choice of a browser is key here, and one of the options Jack suggests is Vivaldi. Take a look for the bigger picture.

5 best Google Chrome alternatives that value your privacy

Recent accusations of Google’s search manipulations, intrusively targeted ads and the ever-increasing focus on privacy by the modern user are behind this story on alternatives to Google Chrome focused on user privacy, including Vivaldi.

Vivaldi: veja vantagens e desvantagens de usar o navegador

Are you one of our Ambassadors in Brazil? This review in popular Brazilian tech site techtudo lists both advantages and disadvantages of using Vivaldi. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages though, so we’re happy 😍 but, needless to say,  wevneed to work on those shortcomings.

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! Thank you all! 😍