Meet the Ambassadors: Gabe


My name is Gabe, and I’m a student and self-taught (web) developer from Canada. Ever since I was just a small kid, I’ve been interested in the ways that everything works. I’ve also been naturally drawn to computers, so when I first got my hands on one of my own I went straight into learning how to create programs, apps, and websites. I’ve been doing web development for the past few years as both a hobby and a profession, and thoroughly enjoy it. The power and freedom of Vivaldi fits perfectly into my workflow.

When I’m not working on schoolwork or programming, I will most likely be either training in the pool (I swim competitively), eating granola (I eat it enough that I made an Instagram page dedicated to it), or running a large discord community for other developers, in which I’ve found a few other users of Vivaldi.

I found Vivaldi a while back because I was looking for something more powerful than Firefox, but also more feature-rich than Chrome. I tested out a lot of browsers, and Vivaldi came out on top – for reasons I don’t have to sell you guys on 😉 – so now I use it as my main browser. I’ve been using it since the technical preview (or some other early version long before the initial release), and am always excited to see which new features will be in the latest Snapshot release.

As an Ambassador, I enjoy being around as Vivaldi grows from what it was when I discovered it, to what it is now, to what it has the potential to become in the future, and even help out a bit in the process, whether by testing Snapshots, introducing new users, or other various things.

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    1. gabe_and_his_granola is the username. It’s been less active recently but I will still post occasionally.

  1. Whats your discord? I’m looking for a web dev oriented discord as I do web dev also.

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