Meet the Ambassadors: Edwin

I found Vivaldi when I did a little research for my work in how browsers can help professionals who work in the knowledge and information business. This was two or three years ago.

I work for a regional public organization in the Netherlands with about 4000 employees. I am a Project Manager responsible for the various productivity suites and collaboration platforms. Aside from that, I own a small company (with four employees) which works in the same industry.

As an Ambassador, I hope that I can contribute to Vivaldi growing into a safe and professional browser which can be integrated with some office suites and – this is perhaps a dream! – one day develop its own office suite. There is a webmail service already. Why not go further and develop a text-editor, sheet and presentation apps?

In my free time, I love bicycle racing, speed-skating, and darts. I have three children. Boy and girl twins who are 19 years old, and a daughter who is 15 years old. I have a favorite snack which is typical for The Netherlands and which I’d like all of you to try if you visit. It’s called “frikadel speciaal”. You should really look this up to see what it is and try it out if you can. It is delicious!

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