Meet Jon McCullough from Vivaldi

I joined Vivaldi in 2016 and since then I have been taking care of the marketing side of things.

I come from the Yukon territory in Canada and it should come as no surprise that I’ve been snowboarding for years. Snowboarding is still my go-to favorite thing. I had a break from it while I was living in the UK, but now that I’m in Norway I get out as much as I can.

Apart from that, I’m a big music fan. As cringy as it is to say, I was a music blogger on the side for a few years and I love getting out to gigs and festivals. Norway has an amazing music scene going on so there’s no shortage of choice these days.

My mother grew up in Asia (mostly in Hong Kong and parts of Indonesia), so I’ve been lucky to grow up with a very Asian-influenced cuisine at home. I’m a huge sushi fan-boy (luckily there seems to be a sushi place on every corner in Oslo).

I am also a proud dog owner. You may have spotted Obie the Cobberdog on our social media channels. What can I say, he likes the limelight!

When people ask me about Vivaldi I usually tell them: “Explore”. There are so many incredible little features going on in Vivaldi. The only way is to try things out and see what sticks. Pretty soon everyone finds things that they can’t live without. But no need to use every feature under the sun either. The key is to create something that works for you.

And since we’re here, I want to share with you one of my favorite (and little known) tricks in Vivaldi – using bookmark nicknames in Quick Commands. I’m more of a “hands on the keyboard” kind of user, so this is a great trick to open sites quickly without having to type URLs or navigate through Bookmarks/Speed Dials.

In the Quick Commands settings, enable an option called “Open on Nickname match”. Now, in the Bookmarks editor, add short Nicknames for a few sites that you find yourself visiting often throughout the day (e.g. “fa” for Facebook). To try it out, open the Quick Commands menu using a keyboard shortcut and type the new Nickname. The Bookmark will open in a new tab as soon as you finish typing the Nickname (no need to hit Enter).

I use this constantly to jump into pages quickly, like our analytics dashboard or social media sites.

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  1. Since the latest Snapshots have improved underlining of access keys (Settings, Bookmarks), you may find it useful to use them for accessing those less used bookmarks that don’t have nicknames, or for inserting notes into text boxes.

    – Alt+B will bring up the Bookmarks menu, from where I can navigate with the keyboard
    – Alt+H brings up the Help menu to check for updates or the About page
    – Shift+F10, I, V, will open my Vivaldi Notes folder, from where I type S to insert my forum signature, or other letters for other boiler-plate text, e.g. B for advice on submitting bug reports.

    **Specs:** AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit build 17134.407 • Snapshot 2.2.1386.4 (64-bit)

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