What is IME anyway, World Cup competition and a comment-worthy NYT article

Vivaldi Team at Innovation House in Magnolia

Vivaldi got better for Chinese, Japanese and Korean users

We often mention IME fixes in the changelog of our Snapshot blog but how much do you know about IME (Input Method Editor) and the fixes we’ve had to make to the browser to make it better for our Chinese, Japanese and Korean users? What should application developers know about IME? Read and share for the benefit of your friends!

Did you know that Vivaldi sponsors a small football team in Iceland? 🇮🇸

Since January 2015, Vivaldi has sponsored a small football club in Iceland. Their football field actually carries Vivaldi’s name. In a blog post this week, our founder Jon von Tetzchner explains why.

When we are not making Vivaldi, we’re cheering for Iceland in the FIFA World Cup ⚽

Half of our team is from Iceland, so needless to say we’ve been cheering for Iceland during the FIFA World Cup. We got our CEO Jon von Tetzchner to chat about football and Vivaldi with tech journalist Barry Collins, the editor of the Big Tech Question. In addition to writing about technology for over 15 years for top UK publications, like Jon, Barry’s always had a soft spot for football.

Our competition continues!

Our contest for Vivaldi users who are following the FIFA World Cup ends in two weeks. Please spread the word! The contest “Vivaldi Theme for your Team” asks you to create your own Theme for your favourite team and share with us in the blog comments, on the Forum, on Twitter or Facebook. The entries will be judged by our designer Atle Mo and the three most creative entries will win great Vivaldi swag.

They can fight but the winner will be @vivaldibrowser

We just had to share this great tweet with you! It’s in a response to a New York Times article on browsers published a week ago. The story compares Firefox with Chrome. One of our users however begs to differ 😊

“You should try something that may well be the best web browser in the world” ❤

Ambassadors from Finland, what a great story in the Finnish press! We love the headline too: “Vinkki: Kannattaa kokeilla jotain, mikä voi hyvinkin olla maailman paras nettiselain” which roughly translates to “You should try something that may well be the best web browser in the world”. Please take a look and share this great story!

Best browser for online shopping

This story comes from Japan. We’re sharing it here for the benefit of our numerous Japanese Ambassadors. Do take a look and do share with your network when you get a chance!

A big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! 😇💪

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  1. I have to confess I am disappointed Vivaldi so cheerfully supported the World Cup held in Russia.

    1. We were taken by the World Cup because Iceland participated and this is the home country of half of the team 😎 But we totally understand your point of view and disappointment.


  3. All that is I can say is, Vivaldi, is the best Browser that I have used, as Computer security student, I love the speed dial, handy for quick references, and just works,

    Thank You: Team Vivaldi!!

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