Meet the Ambassadors: Mert

Hi there, team!

I am Mert from Turkey. I worked as a Hardware Editor for approximately 5 years for different websites and a gaming magazine called Oyungezer. Nowadays, I run a blog about Nordic tech companies, including Vivaldi.

I was an Opera user back then (before they killed Presto) and I’ve been using Vivaldi since day one. I wanted to be a Vivaldi Ambassador and spread the word mainly because of Vivaldi’s approach to privacy. People should be especially aware of the importance of their personal information and own and/or control it. With the help of Vivaldi and the other Ambassadors, I hope to help more people understand that.

Besides privacy – with its other features like customization, Vivaldi show clearly that they care about people. I think people too, should care about Vivaldi and the ideas that the browser stands for.

We, the Ambassadors, are here to help.

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