How to hide private content from your screen and other clever tricks you can try with Vivaldi

Over the past two weeks, we posted several blogs with clever tricks you can try in Vivaldi. Take a look and share with others!

How to hide private content from your screen?

Many people out there worry that others might see private information they’re viewing on their screen. This blog post is about Vivaldi’s screen privacy filter – Filter Obscure – and how to use it to hide private content.

How to manage passwords in Vivaldi?

When you enter a new password on a website, Vivaldi will ask to save it. That’s because Vivaldi has support for managing passwords.

How many websites do you visit each day?

The number of websites we visit per day has skyrocketed. But do you know how many websites exactly you visit each day? Vivaldi can tell you just that. Share with your friends how!

Fight screen clutter with Vivaldi

Screen clutter can harm productivity more than you think. Unclutter and see the benefits, including the icing on the cake – the coveted extra screen real estate.

A guide to the Address Field drop-down

How does the browser decide what results show up when you start typing in the Address Field of Vivaldi? In this blog post, we take a closer look at the Address Field drop-down.

Three ways to use screen captures

Screen captures are widely used for work and play. In this blog post, we give some tips on how to make the most out of Vivaldi’s Capture feature.

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