Meet the Ambassadors: Clement

I am Clement and I’ve known about Vivaldi since it’s beta stages. I remember seeing an article about it in The Next Web.

It is a pleasure to be introduced to the community and I am so grateful that some of my suggestions were adopted for Vivaldi 2.0.

I love how I can customize the interface especially stacking my tabs to the left since I have a widescreen. Tab Tiling is an amazing feature for analyzing data from different sources. History is also amazing, and being able to clear it with one click is a nice touch. The multiple Speed Dials make life easier and having Notes built in – since I work in the field of research – is a goldmine!

I run the Mind Matter agency in Estonia. It works in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and all our employees use Vivaldi as the default browser on their work laptops. Everyone loves the simplicity and compatibility it offers.