Meet Guðmundur Arnar Ástvaldsson (Arnar) from Vivaldi

I joined Vivaldi in October 2013, so, really, I have been onboard from the very beginning.

I liked the idea of building a browser using web technologies. And the excitement of building software for people around the world is hard to describe. I am one of those devs who like to read feedback on things we work on from people around the globe.

I was lucky to start working early on things such as Bookmarks, Quick Commands, and History. Right now I’m working on a feed reader and a calendar. I’m a power user of calendars and have my own ideas on how to make ours stand out. And I like reading feeds, without the interruption of ads stealing my attention.

Working with such a talented team, each day I learn something new. I still find it amazing that the Internet allows us to build such complex software working from so many different locations.

Over the years, I have travelled many times to Magnolia in the US where the Vivaldi office is situated. I have spent many weeks there. But not just me, my family also! We all have so many wonderful memories from there. Meeting colleagues and their families. It’s like a commune in a large house where everyone gets along.

When I am not working, I like being outside to compensate for all the hours spent inside sitting in front of the computer. I like biking, skiing, and hiking. I do both mountain and road biking. I love mountain bike trips to Iceland’s highlands with friends exploring new areas.

I do cross-country and back-country skiing. I have traveled all over for skiing with my family.

I often hike my backyard mountain Úlfarsfell after work. It’s how I like to reset my mind after a busy day.

I’ve been a member of a volunteer rescue team ( since I was 17. I train mostly outside and raise money for the rescue team. Luckily we don’t have too many incidents but if they occur I need to run out from work or go out in the middle of the night.