Meet the Ambassadors: Philippe

My name is Philippe, I live near Strasbourg in France and I’m very proud to be a Vivaldi Ambassador.

In the past, I was an Opera’s user but when Opera got to version 15, I was very disappointed. The Opera spirit had disappeared. Then, I looked for another web browser. For a few months, I used Maxthon but I kept looking for a browser that was fully customizable like Opera. One day, I discovered Vivaldi Technical Preview 1 and since then I’ve been following and using Vivaldi, Snapshot after Snapshot.

I am actually a Webmaster and I need powerful tools for work every day. Vivaldi is one of them. Among the many Vivaldi features I use, are tabs on a split screen (Tab Tiling), one side for the front-end website, the other for the back-end. This way I can see right away if the changes made to the site are effective. I also appreciate Developers tools, CSS debugger, Capture screenshot, and let’s not forget the floating Web Panels with the availability to see my websites in a mobile format.

I use Vivaldi for at least 6 hours every day (unless I have fun time with my family or friends). I am always very excited when a new Snapshot is published giving us amazing new features. The feature I am waiting for the most is the Mail Web Panel. Perhaps one day in the future…

As an Ambassador, I want to help as much as possible to promote Vivaldi at my level. I would like Vivaldi to take its rightful place in the world of web browsers. I believe that Chrome users can switch to Vivaldi because it offers more powerful features.

What else can I tell you about myself? For fun, I often drive a “muscle car”, just as at work I use a “muscle browser”. Its name is Vivaldi!