Top Vivaldi 2.0 reviews, Vivaldi mobile & No more Google

The little browser that “could” is now the little browser that “can”

This great review by Jack Wallen from TechRepublic has quite a bit to say about the new features and the serious speed that Vivaldi 2.0 offers. According to the journalist, with the latest release, the competition might want to think twice about shrugging off the “little browser that could,” because it’s now become the “little browser that can.” This story is fresh, posted today, so please feel free to share!

The biggies write about Vivaldi 2.0

We’re thrilled that the big tech outlets covered our 2.0 release. You are very welcome to share any of these stories. Some examples include Vivaldi 2.0 browser brings sync, themes and new Chrome-conquering ambitions, Vivaldi’s massive update brings tab management and a refreshed UI to its privacy-focused browser, Sync your teeth into power browser Vivaldi’s largest update so far, and Vivaldi releases version 2.0 of its browser, featuring expanded customization and privacy tools.

Vivaldi explained in your own language

Following the 2.0 release, we’ve been overwhelmed with stories in languages from across the globe. Whether you speak French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Estonian, Norwegian, Japanese or some other language, it would be awesome if you can look for Vivaldi news in your language and share with your networks.

Vivaldi Mobile

Yes, it’s no secret that Android is a huge priority for us. As of this week, you can sign up to get notified when it’s out! So next time someone asks you about Vivaldi Mobile, direct them to the sign-up form. You can also tell them to share with us what they want to see in it.

No more Google

This small site offers privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don’t track you. Vivaldi is listed along with other pieces of interesting software that you might want to read about. Take a look and please upvote Vivaldi!

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! 🎉 Thank you all!