Privacy is not just a personal matter, How a browser protects your privacy, Chrome changes can break ad blockers

Privacy is not just a personal matter

The topic of privacy is not going away any time soon. In this blog post, Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner argues that the loss of our privacy is a loss for society and democracy. Do you agree that in a surveillance society, the impact of data collection is not just personal because collective privacy is lost too?

How a browser protects your privacy

Over the past few years, there have been many reports of security breaches, dodgy practices and plain creepy levels of tracking going on. We put together this guide on what your browser – the application you likely use most on your computer – can do for you. Take a look and share!

Facebook’s “10-year challenge” is just a harmless meme – right?

This excellent Wired article on Facebook’s latest meme, goes into how personal data we share willingly on social media might be used to train algorithms. It concludes: “We should demand that businesses treat our data with due respect, by all means. But we also need to treat our own data with respect.”

Celebrate Vivaldi’s 4th anniversary with… the 4-year challenge

Yes, 4 years gone by! We celebrated our anniversary last weekend with a challenge. We asked you to go back in time and remember which browser you used four years ago, and which browser you use today. We promised not to use any of the data to train algorithms. Promise kept.

Google planning changes to Chrome that could break ad blockers

This story broke just over a week ago and since then we’ve been inundated with questions from Vivaldi users about how we’ll deal with this if the planned changes go ahead. As a Vivaldi Ambassador, you might be asked too. The answer is that we expect that Chromium developers will take into account the feedback they are receiving and the needs of users and extension developers, and that depending on their final decision, we’ll make a plan and find a solution. 😇

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! Thank you all! 😍