Meet Stein Henriksen from Vivaldi

I’ve been with Vivaldi since 2016. I work as a Tester in our Oslo office.

When a new bug is reported, its state is set by default to “unconfirmed”. This is where I come in. My job is to test, reproduce and hopefully verify the bug based on the information and steps given in the report.

I try to test all daily incoming bugs from our users and volunteers, reply to the users that need some extra assistance, and try to assign the bugs to the right developer.

Since Vivaldi is available on several different versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac, it means that I have access to many different test environments. I have several monitors and things around my desk but my desk per se is tidy (really, one of the tidiest around). Once I am able to reproduce the bug and verify it, I can happily change the status from “unconfirmed” to “confirmed”.

I love Vivaldi for the customization. There are so many ways of doing things, and the themes are amazing. As a Tester, I get to play with all the features, options and aspects of Vivaldi. I know Vivaldi inside out!

I’ve had a computer since I think 1983 so I’ve always been on it. I have a Bachelor in Graphic Design and Illustration, and I am very much into Japanese cartoons. I draw a lot. In my spare time, I also play video games and watch movies. I like to watch a lot of Anime and Manga. I love everything about Japan, from AKB48 to takoyaki. I am planning a trip for next year hopefully. If I don’t go, I’ll just spend the holidays at home with my cat.

Another interesting fact about me is that I speak several languages. Apart from Norwegian, I can speak Swedish, Danish, English, and enough German to order a schnitzel.