Meet Miky Vacík from Vivaldi

I have been with Vivaldi from the very beginning. You could say that I laid the foundations of Vivaldi’s user interface. And became its Cerberus 😉

My workday requires me to be all over the place, but lately, I’ve been busy with a more flexible fullscreen mode, tiled webpages, panel and tab mechanics. I look forward to expanding Vivaldi’s feature set while maintaining relative order, simplicity, and my own sanity. The last can be a challenge if your motto is “No detail is too small”.

I have a range of interests that would not surprise anybody. I was educated in music but since childhood, I’ve been interested in drawing and LCD game design (all on paper). I have been preoccupied with computers in one way or another from the days of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and solved that conundrum later by utilizing computers for work. That is graphic design, DTP, software UI, and – as soon as it bloomed – the Web.

I am gifted with a beautiful family and like spending time with them.