Meet Guðmundur​ ​(Gummi) Gunnarsson from Vivaldi

I am a Senior Software Developer at Vivaldi. I’ve been here since February 2016. I work from our office in Reykjavík, Iceland.

I’ve worked on various products and features but lately, I’ve been mostly focusing on the email client we’re building into the browser. I tend to keep to the technical side of things, steering clear of any UI design work which I know from experience will not end well.

I spend much of my private time eating ice cream with my two young kids. My hobbies are mostly various sports – running, cycling, basketball, football, lifting things and putting them down again but I also dabble in computer games and occasionally binge on interesting TV shows. But perhaps most of all I like what I do for a living, programming has a way of combining logic with creativity which is right up my alley.

I am Icelandic but I lived in Italy for a few years which, strangely enough, taught me to appreciate la dolce vita we have here in Iceland – cheap energy, clean water, free air conditioning, etc.

At Vivaldi, we have a flexible work environment where we always have a say in what we work on and how we do it. Anyone can take part in discussions about any aspect of what we do and I think we have a healthy exchange of ideas and criticism. It is liberating and empowering having this freedom but at the same time reassuring knowing that everything I do will be scrutinized by my peers.

One piece of advice – to discover everything that Vivaldi has to offer, go through all the Settings!

P.S. The funny looking folk in the photo are my Vivaldi colleagues all dressed up for a carnival in Magnolia this summer.