Competing with Google isn’t scary, the fastest, most secure browser in 2018, Vivaldi intern stories

Competing with Google isn’t scary when you’ve done it before 💪

Did you catch Bloomberg’s story on Vivaldi? “Fighting the dominance of Google, Microsoft Corp., and Apple Inc. is a battle many smaller companies lose. But for Jon von Tetzchner it’s ground well-trodden”, writes Nate Lanxon. Do take a look and share if you can.

What’s the fastest, most secure PC browser in 2018? 🚀

Our friends at Expert Reviews compared the 7 most used browsers to help users choose what’s right for them. But there could be only one winner!

Vivaldi users get attached to the product

Every summer we open our doors to some very talented people – Vivaldi’s interns. In this blog post, Vilde Solvoll talks about her summer at Vivaldi and how she got to know the browser and the community.

Vivaldi is an environment for friends

This inspiring blog post is by another of our interns, Lam Kim Khoi – or simply “Khoi” to us. Here he takes a look at his days as a Design intern at Vivaldi.

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! 😇💪