How to set up Sync in Vivaldi, GN extensions on GitHub, Internship stories, Vivaldi on Nikkei

How to set up Sync in Vivaldi 🔌

We were thrilled to see such a positive review of our experimental version of Sync in MakeUseOf. You may find this guide to setting up Sync very useful if you are not using the Stable version. By the way, things are looking good for Sync and we’re positive it will make it into the next Stable release.

Vivaldi has created extensions to the GN tool developed by Chromium and made them available on GitHub 🚀

With the help of these extensions, we can move most of our relatively simple – and frequent – modifications of the project files into our own source code project files. This means less “maintenance” for us and we’re confident that other projects, in particular, other projects based on Chromium, can benefit from using these extensions. Share if you are a dev!

Vivaldi’s power is in the details 👌

Every summer we open our doors to some very talented people – Vivaldi’s interns. In this blog post, Håvard Nordlie Mathisen recounts his summer at Vivaldi and talks about new functionality that will be part of the next Stable release.

Internships are a stepping stone

In the last in the series blog post, Knut Stautland Ivarsøy talks about his internship at Vivaldi and remembers his father Geir Ivarsøy, one of the pioneers of the Internet. Take a look!

Vivaldi is recommended for online privacy in Japan 🔒

Our stand on privacy has made it into the influential Nikkei Business Daily. Protecting the privacy of users has not been on the public agenda up until now in Japan but this is changing. Naturally, privacy is an area where we are strong. It would be great if those of you in Japan can share this story!

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! 😇💪

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  1. Great !! I just enabled it and it works fine.
    It’s one of the missing feature respect other browsers that I missed most

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