“Browser of the year” stories, Vivaldi on privacy, Cookies

At the end of 2019, we find ourselves in quite a few “browser of the year” stories. Here’s our favorite one.


According to Forbes, Vivaldi is a top option for people who care about privacy.

“Vivaldi’s privacy and security credentials are strong. The browser doesn’t track you, and it uses Bing as a search engine rather than Google.”

Vivaldi on privacy

Over the past couple of months, we asked Vivaldi devs and guest bloggers to shed light on urgent privacy topics. In this blog, Vivaldi Security Expert Tarquin Wilton-Jones goes into how feature tracking can quickly turn into unacceptable user behavior monitoring, user profiling and a money-spinner for a company. Do read it, it’s extremely insightful.

In another article, Arne Möhle, co-founder of the secure email service Tutanota, reveals the true extent of the abuse of data, as well as how to stop the unlimited data mining.

In yet another story, Vivaldi Security Expert Yngve Pettersen takes a deep dive into network activity in Vivaldi. Now and then, a Vivaldi user will jump to the conclusion that Vivaldi is spying on their activities and “phoning home” to Google with the details. This article explains what each of the handful of services we connect to does, and why it’s needed. It lists the information each service requires for the browser to run smoothly and for you to stay secure. It’s an article worth sharing.

And just before we say one last goodbye for 2019, take a look at our “cookies challenge“. In the final days of the year, let’s remind a few companies like Google and Facebook of the true meaning of the word “cookie”.

As always, a big thank you for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! 😍

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 🎁🎄

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