The Web at 30, Vivaldi Vs. Firefox, Shaking the Chrome habit is getting easier

Happy birthday, World Wide Web! 🎉

On Tuesday, we marked 30 years from the invention of the Web. With the help of our founder Jon von Tetzchner, and the Vivaldi team and community, we added some little known bits of history to the puzzle. Take a look at Building browsers! #Web30 and The Web: 30 years of history, challenges and change.

Vivaldi Vs. Firefox: A user’s perspective

“Truth be told, if we’re looking at a feature-for-feature comparison, Vivaldi easily comes out on top,” says Jack Wallen of the Tech Republic in this browser review. But take a look at his full account and the reason he still doesn’t use Vivaldi as his default browser. Yes, Vivaldi is not made available under one unified open source license. However, for all practical purposes, the Vivaldi source code is available for audit.

Shaking the Chrome habit is getting easier

Did you see this Verge story a few days ago? Although we lost the battle this time around, we’re thrilled that we have Vivaldi fans at Verge, and look forward to their stories as Vivaldi gets bigger and stronger. Great to see so many Vivaldi Ambassadors and users commenting under the blog and on social media!

How to use the Vivaldi Auto Stacking tab feature

“The Vivaldi Auto Stacking tab feature helps to create a much cleaner and far more organized browser.” Take a look at this excellent video tutorial made by The Tech Republic.

As always, a big thank you for sharing our stories and for helping us spread the word about Vivaldi! Thank you all! 😍