Meet the Ambassadors: Darío 🇩🇴

I am Darío and probably the most “unique” characteristic about me is that I’m a citizen of the Dominican Republic. I bet you know where this is, you are a bunch of clever geeks! But in case you don’t, look in the sunny Caribbean… See that beautiful island, the second largest? My country occupies two-thirds of it. In fact, the Dominican Republic and Haiti are among the very few countries to share an island.

Ok, enough of geography class.

So, how did I find Vivaldi? I’m not a tech guy (but I have decades of experience using browsers, heck, I even PAID for Netscape Navigator back in the day). Well, I was really tired of Chrome’s hungriness for RAM and started to search for alternatives. I adore Firefox because much of today’s web standards started with the Mozilla Foundation. But the truth is that I find Firefox kind of clumsy for my taste. Opera has always been a nice “third browser” and I grew admiring their stubbornness to fight the status quo. When you guys departed from Opera, I kept a tab open for you and embraced Vivaldi even in its earliest stages, but still, I was mainly on Chrome for most of the time. When you added support for Chrome extensions, that’s when you won me over.

Another fun fact about me: I’m a Postcrossing member. It’s a project that allows you to send postcards and receive postcards from random people around the world. That’s real postcards, not electronic! Postcards have been amazing to me. I am always happy to spread more love from my country. I can mail any person interested a sweet warm tropical view from my country, handwritten by yours truly. Just reach out to me on the Vivaldi forum!